New Look for the New Year


I’m updating my logo for the New Year! With my my logo, comes a brand new outlook. I’m trying to stay positive, keep things simple, work even harder and still have fun with my friends and family.

Every year I attend WPPI (wedding and portrait photographers international - a photo convention). It’s educational and a lot of fun and it’s in Las Vegas. This year I’m taking the whole family with me. They will enjoy the sights and sounds of the city while I learn and get inspired by the best in the photography industry. I want to travel more with my family and this is the first step - a little road trip out of state for a few days in February. It’s not a huge step or big vacation but it’s a start and it’s going to be a blast.

What else is on the agenda for the year? Well I'm not very good at maintaining a routine. I kinda jump from project to project or play things by ear. It’s time to put a plan into action and make life a little more structured - not without flexibility of course. I still need to be flexible and patient if things don’t go as planned. I just need to start over again. It’s going to be interesting and hopefully the Assistants and my husband will come along willingly.

I know it’s cheesy but I have a word for 2019. It’s THRIVE. I don’t want to just get by anymore. I’m not going to settle. I’m going to thrive and live a big great happy life. I’m sick of being miserable with my happy face hiding that misery. The happy face is going to reveal the happy person I know I am. I’m not fake. I’m just hiding. The smile is real. You know it if you know me. I know “thrive” is also Kaiser’s tagline but it just makes sense - health, heart and I’m making it mine.

I hope you will make 2019 yours too!


Happy New Year!

xo, C

Follow Your Arrow Wherever it Points


Now is the time to take stock, make plans, enjoy hot coco and chestnuts, wrap gifts, gear up for the new year. Yes, it’s a lot and it’s easy to be overwhelmed but let’s break it down into little steps and little lists. That’s what I’m doing anyway. I follow my arrow but I also make it point to where I want it to go. And that direction is up! I’m making this new year mine.

I’m making it your year by capturing it. Is photography an investment? Yes it is. Why am I raising my prices? One - my work is worth it - these are fleeting moments and I’m here to give them to you for generations to come. Two - I’m attempting to make a living at what I love doing. I cannot afford to charge any less.

I point my arrow at my kids. I need them to understand that I can support them both emotionally and financially.

I point my arrow at you. You are wonderful. You are beautiful. You are at a perfect age, weight, height and hair color to be photographed with your beautiful children.

I point my arrow at 2019. I’m following it to success, to love, to new experiences, laughter, smiles, and positivity.

Happy Holidays to you all!

xo, C

Happy Happy Happy


Last weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph a high school senior at The Lab in Costa Mesa. She is confident, sweet and just gosh darn gorgeous. She had modeled before so she knew how to pose. All I had to do was pick the a fun backdrop (there are so many fun textures, colors and patterns there). The lighting was lovely. It was so much fun just hopping from crevice to walls and little hidden beauties. The portrait shown here was made inside a little tunnel of CDs! Man, talk about a great photo location hidden in the OC. There were other photographers there of course because it’s not so hidden!

So I’m on a journey to be happy, happy, happy and content and non crazy for 2019. How do you achieve that, you ask? Well one - organization is key. I need to be better organized. Also, I’m raising my pricing. Yes it does suck a little for those of you who are used to my less expensive offerings but in order to be happy, I have to make a living at what I love. I love taking portraits. I love working with people. I love being happy. So happy and content is where I am heading. If you’d like to take advantage of 2018 pricing I highly suggest a gift card or booking a session in the next two weeks.

I know that my services are valuable. The portraits I take are treasures. I see those wonderful old photos you cherish and want to keep safe and hang on your walls or keep in books. Well I create those. My portraits are timeless and also of the time. Your children and children’s children will hold on to them. Photography is important. It’s valuable. It’s happy. Just as you can afford a vacation, a high end purse, a television or iPad - it’s an investment. And the investment in photography might even last longer!

So let’s all be happy happy happy together. Let’s enjoy our time here on earth. Let’s invest in the future.

xo, C

It's the Holiday Season


So whoop de do! Holiday music is already playing on the radio and I’m in the holiday spirit. It’s day to day with how I’m feeling. I miss my dad terribly but life doesn’t stop just because one life ends. I live on to make him proud and I celebrate to keep his spirit alive.

I have have 2 sessions today (I usually like to keep it to one a day). One of my favorite families (OK they are all my favorites) keeps coming back year after year. They are pictured above at the Korean Friendship Bell last year. Today we are heading out to a location I’ve never been to before with a fake Christmas Tree. I’m super excited to spend time with them and photograph the kids who are getting so big!

The second session is a high school senior and we are headed to the LAB in Costa Mesa. I haven’t been there in ages and it’s got all kinds of cool places to shoot - perfect for a senior portrait and a special place to her.

I’m trying not to book any sessions in December so I can enjoy the holidays and not be stressed out so I’m offering gift certificates this year. You can purchase any amount although I highly suggest covering the $250 session fee. It makes a fantastic gift! Can you imagine opening up the gift of a photo session?! It’s the gift that keeps on giving - years and years.

Contact me if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate or book a session this month. Those holiday cards aren’t going to create themselves. By the way - I can create cards for you!

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

xo, C

Fall Back


This was my dad. His grandkids called him Cappy. He was my Daddy. He left this world on Monday October 29, 2018 at 11am. Right now, I’m in complete an total denial. I’m numb. I’ve never felt this way before. I was very sad when I lost my grandparents, my Jack the Cat, my Uncle Red, Brian’s grandparents and uncle. But this. This is something unreal.

My dad had been battling cancer over the past few years. He had a tumor on his neck removed but refused further treatment. Years later when it came back, he started chemo and radiation and oxygen treatment but it was too late. It finally spread to his bones. He was in a lot of pain. The last few months he had been on hospice. My mom was his main caregiver.

Wonderful activities starting happening. My sister came down and we all went to the symphony at the Disney Hall in Los Angeles. I took him to The Broad to see the Kusama installation. My sister came down again and we all drove out to Topanga Canyon and Malibu to see and hear stories of where he worked for 12 years as a wood worker. He got to say goodbye to friends, coworkers, family. All of us. His friend just happened to throw him a party with food and a little orchestra the day before he passed away. The timing of about everything happened so perfectly.

I took a lot of photos and portraits of him. It was a tradition starting in Kindergarten that we would take first day of school photos with Cappy. Whenever he’d come to an event at the kids’ school, I’d take a group photo. I wanted to remember him always being there. He was always there. Whenever I asked him, he’d be there.

He believed in me, my photography. He bought me my first serious camera. He came to my art shows. He came to performances when I was a kid. He taught me to ride a bike. He believed in me. I just loved him. He read stories to us every single night. He played board games, dug holes in the yard, whatever we wanted to do - he was up for it. He didn’t complain or say he didn’t have time - he just did it. And he did the same for our kids.

I’m working today. I edited 2 sessions. I have 2 more to go to catch up. I haven’t felt like doing anything at all but he believed in me and I love what I do so I moved my mouse today. I culled, I edited, I set up galleries. I move, I act, I will succeed in life because he believed in me. He supported me whatever I did.

It’s holiday time. It’s time to book holiday sessions. It’s Fall. It’s beautiful out there. Life is still happening for me, for the family, for you all. It’s hard to move on. It’s going to take some time but a friend of mine today said that I’ll find the joy and love in my photography as I always do. So let’s go. Let’s make memories together. Let’s capture those smiles, those moments so we won’t ever forget them.

xo, C


Mid Summer Dreams

Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach

Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach

So we are here, mid summer. I've been working at a local photo finishing lab part time and another part time job to make ends meet. I hate to put it that way but it's the truth. I love the lab - great people, love processing film and customer service. Is it my dream job? No but I'm enjoying it and a steady little paycheck. As for the dream - I have it, I'm on it. I'm not quite living it yet. The dream is to make a living from photography to support my family. The dream is to own a store front. The dream is to do what I love and not stress about making ends meet. The dream is to own a home. The dream is to to thrive, not survive. So I'm going to make it happen. I'm not giving up hope that I can make it happen. I just have to work harder. It's a difficult thing - this art thing - having others understand how their investment in art will last a lifetime and beyond. I'm not going to lie, I'm not cheap anymore. I can't be cheap. Cheap doesn't work - not only for my family but it's not what my art is worth. I know there are people out there who appreciate and understand what it's worth - I just need to find them. I need to work harder. 

It's hard to balance work and summer with the kiddos. I want them to have great experiences. I'm working really hard to make that happen. We have been to the pool, the beach, the Hollywood Bowl, sleepovers, play dates. I'm sure its enough but it doesn't feel like it. I want more for them. I want to travel with them - give them everything I can. I feel like that isn't happening right now. I feel like I'm failing them and myself. Yikes, this post is getting a little dark. Sorry about that. 

Back to dreams and making them come true - I know I can do it. I know it's taking me longer than I thought it would take but I'm trying to talk myself into feeling that it's OK. It's meant to be this way - the struggling before it will be OK. There I go again, getting dark. Well this is me. I'm cheery and strong and fun but sometimes not so much. So I'm going to start some projects just for me. I'm going to photograph my family. I'm going to make sure I'm not just staying still. The dream will not just be limited to summer. The dream will come true. Thanks for reading my ramblings! Invest in small businesses. Make dreams come true for you and for others. 

xo, C