Holidays 2015

The holiday season is upon us! Halloween week has arrived. Then right around the corner Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Assistant Number One turned ten at the beginning of the month. I still haven't fully grasped this yet.

My favorite Halloween picture of the Assistants is when #1 was in 1st grade. There's an event every year at our school - trunk to trunk. Kids go from car to car to get candy. Cars are decorated. There's a haunted house in the cafeteria and a dance party on the play ground. It's a blast. Friday it's coming up this year. Very excited but sad it's Assistant #1's last year in Elementary School. Time is fleeting and all that. Photos and portraits - that's how I keep them little. That's how I see their growth.  I love what I do for my clients but I also photograph for me, for them, for their kids and grandkids.

Holidays are coming. Get that camera out (or call me of course). Keep them small and growing. Print your portraits. Seriously. I'm talking to myself too. 

xo, C