Print More Pics in One Six

Happy New Year Friends! Every year I come up with a silly slogan but this year is no joke. How many photos of your family live on your computer or on a disk?

I'm guilty of it too. Let's not do that anymore. Let's print for your walls, in an album, on your desks. It's important. It's our legacy, our keepsakes, our time capsles, our heirlooms. I love that I have old photo albums filled with pictures of my grandparents or my husband's grandfathers old military photos.


Yes we don't want clutter. I get that too. Every year at Christmas I make a photo book as a gift. Every year I say it's too much work but every year I do it because I know what it means. 


Happy New Year all! Let's do this 2016! 

Print more pics in one six. Cielo Roth Photography. 

Print more pics in one six. Cielo Roth Photography.