Mid Summer Focus

July is swiftly coming to an end. Next month, school starts up again. Have we been enjoying summer? Yes and no. Fun times and hard times - that's just how it goes with kiddos and heat and lack of focus. 

Yup, I'm out of focus right now. I had it in my head that I'd have it all scheduled - work in the morning and a summer outing or activity in the afternoon. It hasn't gone according to plan. I'm not good at jumping back when plans get derailed but somehow I pushed past that feeling (or I'm trying to talk myself into pushing past it) and moving on. Refocusing. 



Today, I missed my beautiful cousin's baby shower. I sent Brian and the girls. I allowed myself to reset. I'm sad that I missed the celebration but I'm glad I was actually able to move forward without falling down the hole as I have been doing. I listened to a marketing podcast, I worked on a few plans, printed out a calendar. I own a business. I have full capacity to make it a success or not.  I don't usually let my shortcomings show. It's important to say - wow I've been so busy lately but truth is, this month was hard. In the future I need to plan for this month off because truth be told, I do not like to work around my birthday. Whenever I had a office job, I would always take a few days off. 

I turned 42 this month. If you have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you know that 42 is a very important number. I took it to heart. I didn't celebrate the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday. I didn't feel old or bad about getting older. I soaked it in and got my towel out. Now it's time to focus. There's plenty of summer left to have a great time with the assistants. Lots of time to spend with friends and family and loved ones but it's time to reset too. 

We are all awesome. If you need to reset, do it. It's never too late. 

xo, C