Photo Conference

I was sitting in a class on Monday about the importance of telling my story and blogging. So here I am to tell you stories.

I attend this conference called WPPI (wedding and portrait photographers) every year. I go to get educated, to get inspired and motivated. I've been having trouble being inspired lately. I know most of you know me as happy all the time but I get down. I'm usually up and excited about the new year. This year, not so much.   

Each year I come to Las Vegas. I come and take notes. I come with one of my favorite photo gals- Maribel. She is beautiful inside and out. We laugh, we learn, we drink, gamble, get up and learn some more each day. 

The last few days have been good ones. I can feel my motivation sneaking back in. It's been fun to hang out with my photo gals. The community over competition mentality is key to feeling inspired and roaring to make beautiful images for all my amazing past, present and future clients. 


Xo, C


Maribel from Farina Photography and Cielo from Cielo Roth Photography


Community over competition  


Photo Gals from CA