Father Daughter Dance - Long Beach

My daughters' elementary school has held a father daughter dance for years. Some think - why no mom/son dance? The answer - organize it and make it happen. Easy as that but it's hard to organize an event. I was involved in school events since my eldest started Kindergarten. It's a lot of work, fun, and stress. This year I took some time off from activities. Being involved is hard for me and I know it's hard work for others. Some parents do it with ease and without stress but for me, I just needed some time off. Next year my youngest will be in 4th grade and I want to be back being involved again. Not as much as I was in years past. 

I've always taken photos at events - this year I took photos and printed them on site for cute camp name badges for the kids during Library Night. I love that I can combine my love of my (and kiddos in general) and passion for photography. 

I was in a bit of a business slump so I decided to make something happen for myself. I called the new organizers of the Father Daughter Dance and asked if they needed a photographer. In the past, Lifetouch has been there but you know - they aren't always the best quality. Luckily the organizer, Ken thought it would be a great idea if I joined on as the photographer. Assistant Number 1 found instructions for large paper flowers on Pinterest and we started making giant flowers for the background of the photos. 

The night of the dance, there was a little trouble on my part handling paperwork and taking photos at the same time. Lesson learned, I needed a helper. I should have asked for help. Brian, my husband had helped me set up but I wanted to have a good time with Assistant Number 2 at the dance. Assistant Number 1 had run a race for Cross Country earlier in the day and wasn't up to helping. Should have asked a friend but again, hindsight is 20/20. It was still a wonderful event. Everyone was very happy with how the background looked and overall matched the purple and pink Princesss/King theme. I was happy with the way the photos turned out. 

xo, C