Window Light Portraiture: Studio: Long Beach, CA


I have been listening to educational videos from a very renowned photographer. She shoots mainly women's portraiture and her images are gorgeous. The educational videos get us back to basics and really focus on motivation, skills and more motivation. In fact, I outright cried when I heard her speak in person at the beginning of the year at the annual photo conference I attend. She was that moving, that motivating, that amazing. I get down sometimes. I'm not good enough. I'm not worth the money I charge. I'm not better than that other photographer. But the truth is I AM good enough. I AM worth the money I charge and I AM just as good as that other photographer (just different). Everyone needs motivation especially when going out on their own. You are accountable to yourself but I also need to pay bills, feed and cloth my family.. If I work for minimum wages, I can't make ends meet. I have to charge what I charge. I don't ask my doctor or grocery store for a deal, I just have to pay what they charge. And they are worth it. I am worth it. Repeat and those who know that what I provide will know and will understand and will value their keepsakes that I am creating for their futures. My work gets to be passed down from generation to generation. How amazing is that? 

I've been working on window light, in studio portraits inspired by this photographer. The portraits below are of my eldest daughter who has been more cooperative than the youngest when it comes to being a model this summer. We painted styrofoam insulation panels and taped them together, placed them near my one window in my office / studio.  I am proud of these images. I will print them. These are special to me and she will never be 11 again. I am proud of myself for creating these images, for having the skills and strength and ability.

People ask me how's business? Well to be honest, it's slow. It's hard to transition from a "shoot and burn" photographer with inexpensive pricing to boutique, high end, supporting my family photographer but I am doing it. My wonderful clients who where with me from the beginning may not continue the journey with me and I'm sad for that but I understand. I continue to grow and get better and better and learn and I will succeed. I will open a store front office. I will support my family with my career. I will continue to create memories and heirlooms for you and for my family. 

xo, C