Let's Make Memories Together!

Let's Make Treasures Together!

The Halloween stuff is already being displayed. The leaves are falling. Nights are cooling off. The holidays are here folks! So what are you doing to get ready? The assistants are thinking of what Halloween costumes they are going to make. For me, I'm gearing up for YOU! Let's break out those holiday outfits or jeans and t-shirts for a fabulous family portrait. Let's make holiday cards together. Let's laugh! Let us dance around and make funny faces! Let me photograph you and your family and create a timeless treasure together. The holidays don't have to be stressful. This year, let's make them joyous, fun and grateful again. I always wait until the last minute to send cards and I love sending them. It just makes it more stressful to have to get them out before Dec. 1. So this year, I'm going to promise myself to get the Assistant's (and our family photo) done by the end of September.