Happy Happy Happy


Last weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph a high school senior at The Lab in Costa Mesa. She is confident, sweet and just gosh darn gorgeous. She had modeled before so she knew how to pose. All I had to do was pick the a fun backdrop (there are so many fun textures, colors and patterns there). The lighting was lovely. It was so much fun just hopping from crevice to walls and little hidden beauties. The portrait shown here was made inside a little tunnel of CDs! Man, talk about a great photo location hidden in the OC. There were other photographers there of course because it’s not so hidden!

So I’m on a journey to be happy, happy, happy and content and non crazy for 2019. How do you achieve that, you ask? Well one - organization is key. I need to be better organized. Also, I’m raising my pricing. Yes it does suck a little for those of you who are used to my less expensive offerings but in order to be happy, I have to make a living at what I love. I love taking portraits. I love working with people. I love being happy. So happy and content is where I am heading. If you’d like to take advantage of 2018 pricing I highly suggest a gift card or booking a session in the next two weeks.

I know that my services are valuable. The portraits I take are treasures. I see those wonderful old photos you cherish and want to keep safe and hang on your walls or keep in books. Well I create those. My portraits are timeless and also of the time. Your children and children’s children will hold on to them. Photography is important. It’s valuable. It’s happy. Just as you can afford a vacation, a high end purse, a television or iPad - it’s an investment. And the investment in photography might even last longer!

So let’s all be happy happy happy together. Let’s enjoy our time here on earth. Let’s invest in the future.

xo, C