New Look for the New Year


I’m updating my logo for the New Year! With my my logo, comes a brand new outlook. I’m trying to stay positive, keep things simple, work even harder and still have fun with my friends and family.

Every year I attend WPPI (wedding and portrait photographers international - a photo convention). It’s educational and a lot of fun and it’s in Las Vegas. This year I’m taking the whole family with me. They will enjoy the sights and sounds of the city while I learn and get inspired by the best in the photography industry. I want to travel more with my family and this is the first step - a little road trip out of state for a few days in February. It’s not a huge step or big vacation but it’s a start and it’s going to be a blast.

What else is on the agenda for the year? Well I'm not very good at maintaining a routine. I kinda jump from project to project or play things by ear. It’s time to put a plan into action and make life a little more structured - not without flexibility of course. I still need to be flexible and patient if things don’t go as planned. I just need to start over again. It’s going to be interesting and hopefully the Assistants and my husband will come along willingly.

I know it’s cheesy but I have a word for 2019. It’s THRIVE. I don’t want to just get by anymore. I’m not going to settle. I’m going to thrive and live a big great happy life. I’m sick of being miserable with my happy face hiding that misery. The happy face is going to reveal the happy person I know I am. I’m not fake. I’m just hiding. The smile is real. You know it if you know me. I know “thrive” is also Kaiser’s tagline but it just makes sense - health, heart and I’m making it mine.

I hope you will make 2019 yours too!


Happy New Year!

xo, C