Let's Make Memories Together!

Let's Make Treasures Together!

The Halloween stuff is already being displayed. The leaves are falling. Nights are cooling off. The holidays are here folks! So what are you doing to get ready? The assistants are thinking of what Halloween costumes they are going to make. For me, I'm gearing up for YOU! Let's break out those holiday outfits or jeans and t-shirts for a fabulous family portrait. Let's make holiday cards together. Let's laugh! Let us dance around and make funny faces! Let me photograph you and your family and create a timeless treasure together. The holidays don't have to be stressful. This year, let's make them joyous, fun and grateful again. I always wait until the last minute to send cards and I love sending them. It just makes it more stressful to have to get them out before Dec. 1. So this year, I'm going to promise myself to get the Assistant's (and our family photo) done by the end of September. 


Future Me Portrait Sessions: August 26 & 27, 2017

Seeking Kiddos with Big Dreams for “Future Me” Photo Sessions. August 26 & 27, 2017.



Future Me Portrait Sessions $250

What do your kids dream of being when they grow up?

What do your kids dream of being when they grow up?

I want to be a teacher when I grow up!

I want to be Ironman!

I want to be an astronaut!

I want to be a dolphin!

Let kiddos tell us who their Future Me is going to be during a portrait session where they get to dress up or bring something that represents their future self.  Start this year and come back every year to see where your child’s big ideas take them.

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Session includes 20 minutes in Studio and 1 8x10 matted print. Additional products available ala carte.

BONUS: Anyone who books a Future Me Portrait Session will be entered into a raffle for a FREE photo block plus 50% off one ala carte item. One winner will be announced on Sept. 1, 2017.

Window Light Portraiture: Studio: Long Beach, CA


I have been listening to educational videos from a very renowned photographer. She shoots mainly women's portraiture and her images are gorgeous. The educational videos get us back to basics and really focus on motivation, skills and more motivation. In fact, I outright cried when I heard her speak in person at the beginning of the year at the annual photo conference I attend. She was that moving, that motivating, that amazing. I get down sometimes. I'm not good enough. I'm not worth the money I charge. I'm not better than that other photographer. But the truth is I AM good enough. I AM worth the money I charge and I AM just as good as that other photographer (just different). Everyone needs motivation especially when going out on their own. You are accountable to yourself but I also need to pay bills, feed and cloth my family.. If I work for minimum wages, I can't make ends meet. I have to charge what I charge. I don't ask my doctor or grocery store for a deal, I just have to pay what they charge. And they are worth it. I am worth it. Repeat and those who know that what I provide will know and will understand and will value their keepsakes that I am creating for their futures. My work gets to be passed down from generation to generation. How amazing is that? 

I've been working on window light, in studio portraits inspired by this photographer. The portraits below are of my eldest daughter who has been more cooperative than the youngest when it comes to being a model this summer. We painted styrofoam insulation panels and taped them together, placed them near my one window in my office / studio.  I am proud of these images. I will print them. These are special to me and she will never be 11 again. I am proud of myself for creating these images, for having the skills and strength and ability.

People ask me how's business? Well to be honest, it's slow. It's hard to transition from a "shoot and burn" photographer with inexpensive pricing to boutique, high end, supporting my family photographer but I am doing it. My wonderful clients who where with me from the beginning may not continue the journey with me and I'm sad for that but I understand. I continue to grow and get better and better and learn and I will succeed. I will open a store front office. I will support my family with my career. I will continue to create memories and heirlooms for you and for my family. 

xo, C




The New Kia Event - San Diego


Whoa. I mean whoa. I photograph events for Kia Motors USA once or twice a year and they are always amazing. But this event  - just wow. All attendees (including yours truly) stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp District downtown right across from the convention center. When you walked in, the Kia Stinger (not on the market yet) was featured in the lobby. The first day was arrival day and everyone was greeted with a very cool name badge and Harmon portable speaker. Dinner was at this very cool restaurant down the street. The guests were transported in neat lighted up pedicabs. I ran up and down the street capturing the ride to the restaurant! The restaurant was rented out for a private event. There was a roof top patio and bar and then dinner downstairs was terrific with a little band that may or may have been speaking a foreign language. We couldn't tell. 

Cielo Roth Photography. Check in desk at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

Cielo Roth Photography. Check in desk at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

The attendees were all social media "influencers" - bloggers, vloggers, writers, video journalists who write/video/photograph all types of subjects like fashion, parenting, technology, etc. These attendees were amazing. I made so many connections and dare I say friends. I already knew a few wonderful gals from past events (Alice from Thrill of the Chases and Jen from Jab's Plethora). I fit right in. Not a fly on a the wall, but an active member of this community. Laughing and interactive, trying to not get too close sometimes so I could get the unnoticed and unposed shot but sometimes the posed shot was also wonderful and welcomed. 

Cielo Roth Photography. Alice Chase with the new Kia Stinger. 

Cielo Roth Photography. Alice Chase with the new Kia Stinger. 


The next day were there were 25 cars parked outside the hotel to drive around San Diego. The Optima, Niro, Soul - all eco friendly. Several groups took off and drove around the city to test drive, get photos, tell stories and enjoy being out and about with such freedom. I should have joined a group but I instead got to drive the Optima out to meet the groups to take photos at Krispy Kreme donuts (I didn't have one - I'm so proud of myself). Lunch then off to more drives. I went out with a group around Balboa Park. After that I needed to upload photos so they would be available asap to the attendees and also ready for a slide show during dinner. Now this dinner was extraordinary. It featured sushi from Nobu, tacos, curry, vegetarian options, etc. etc. Open Bar and LIVE karaoke. Yes - a band backed up singers to the most fun songs ever. Attendees signed up and it was AMAZING. I laughed, I sang, I shot. It was brilliant. The Kia group puts on a bang up program. I am so lucky to be apart of it. I say it again, I love my job. 

All the Kias. Cielo Roth Photography.

All the Kias. Cielo Roth Photography.

Gals photobombed by Kia's James Hope. Cielo Roth Photography.

Gals photobombed by Kia's James Hope. Cielo Roth Photography.

Donuts! Cielo Roth Photography

Donuts! Cielo Roth Photography

Social Media Manager, John Dominguez. Photo by Cielo Roth Photography

Social Media Manager, John Dominguez. Photo by Cielo Roth Photography

xo, C

Furry Friends Faire - Long Beach



The Furry Friends Faire was held on June 3, 2017 and was the first of it's kind. Vendors including Just Food for Dogs, Go Fetch, the animal shelter and yours truly. My friend, Miranda who is a very talented photographer at Blossom Blue Photography hooked me up with the organizers. She thought that since it was in my neighborhood, it would be great for me to mingle with my community. She's amazing like that. I volunteered to take photographs in exchange for booth space. 

There were contests, raffles, pet poetry by the local elementary school and of course lots of furry friends. PetPaw the Greaat was communicating in a colorful tent (and outfit) communicating with the pets and owners! I brought doggie treats attached to my business cards to hand out. I even brought cat treats! I only saw one kitty so I was happy to hand out the kitty treat. Assistant Number 1 was very helpful that day. She watched my booth while I took photos. She was sporting her Cielo Roth Photography tshirt!


Father Daughter Dance - Long Beach

My daughters' elementary school has held a father daughter dance for years. Some think - why no mom/son dance? The answer - organize it and make it happen. Easy as that but it's hard to organize an event. I was involved in school events since my eldest started Kindergarten. It's a lot of work, fun, and stress. This year I took some time off from activities. Being involved is hard for me and I know it's hard work for others. Some parents do it with ease and without stress but for me, I just needed some time off. Next year my youngest will be in 4th grade and I want to be back being involved again. Not as much as I was in years past. 

I've always taken photos at events - this year I took photos and printed them on site for cute camp name badges for the kids during Library Night. I love that I can combine my love of my (and kiddos in general) and passion for photography. 

I was in a bit of a business slump so I decided to make something happen for myself. I called the new organizers of the Father Daughter Dance and asked if they needed a photographer. In the past, Lifetouch has been there but you know - they aren't always the best quality. Luckily the organizer, Ken thought it would be a great idea if I joined on as the photographer. Assistant Number 1 found instructions for large paper flowers on Pinterest and we started making giant flowers for the background of the photos. 

The night of the dance, there was a little trouble on my part handling paperwork and taking photos at the same time. Lesson learned, I needed a helper. I should have asked for help. Brian, my husband had helped me set up but I wanted to have a good time with Assistant Number 2 at the dance. Assistant Number 1 had run a race for Cross Country earlier in the day and wasn't up to helping. Should have asked a friend but again, hindsight is 20/20. It was still a wonderful event. Everyone was very happy with how the background looked and overall matched the purple and pink Princesss/King theme. I was happy with the way the photos turned out. 

xo, C


Sorento Family Adventure Lake Tahoe and Dad 2.0 Summit

Warm and cozy inside while it rains sideways outside. Surrounded by big fluffy white pillows. I am in my room at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe. I've been hired by Kia Motors USA to document the Sorento Family Winter Adventure. A lovely group of influencers (bloggers/writers) and their families were invited by Kia to drive the Kia Sorento and experience the gorgeous winter activities up in Lake Tahoe. The influencers write about their adventures - playing in the snow, skiing, snowmobiling, tubing and food! I get to photograph it all and share my photos with them and with Kia. It's quite an adventure for me too. I went snowmobiling for the first time yesterday. Wow! What an amazing experience! I feel a little intimidated by some of the great photos the influencers take themselves but I'm still happy to capture things they can't. Oh and they and their families are wonderful! Talk about a group of super people! They are all so friendly, intelligent and fun. I feel like part of their family too. 


Speaking of family, I also got to photograph the fantastic attendees at Dad 2.0 Summit in San Diego last week. The conference is for dad bloggers/writers, many of them stay at home dads. Of course there are women, moms, uncles and others who attend as well. Kia hired me to provide headshots. That community is amazing - so friendly, warm, inviting. This is my 3rd year at Dad. Usually I just document the event. This was my first year taking the headshots. It was an absolute blast. 

Xo, C




Kia Dad

The set up thanks to Brian, my assistant.  

The set up thanks to Brian, my assistant.  


Jenn Busfield, writer

Dad and writer, Patrick Quinn  

Dad and writer, Patrick Quinn  




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